What is Grade 2A?


Grade 2A designates an examinee passing the first stage of Grade 2 with a minimum of approximately 75% of the total points possible, which places the examinee between Grades 2 and Pre-1 within the EIKEN framework of ability levels.


Grade 2

First Stage

Approximate percentage of items answered correctly

Pass/fail designation

75% or more

Pass (Grade 2A)


Pass (Grade 2)

Less than 60%



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Using Grade 2A when applying to an institution


Because the Grade 2A certification is used primarily for admissions at institutions outside Japan, the designation does not appear on the EIKEN pass/fail certificates sent to examinees within Japan. Grade 2 certificate holders wishing to confirm whether their results qualify as 2A should contact the EIKEN Study Abroad Information Center online or by calling (03) 3266-6839. Inquirers will be asked to provide contact details and the examinee number that was issued when they took the Grade 2 test. Results are provided in 1-3 business days, and there is no charge.


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